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Citywide Plans & Permits provides drafting and permitting services in all city jurisdictions within King County and with King County itself.   About 75% of our projects are within the Seattle city limits.  Since 2001, we have been assisting residential and commercial clients with single- and multi-family remodels, tenant improvements, and resolutions of code violations.  We are also equipped to take on special projects that require more extensive design assistance or code/property research. 

Our talents include dealing with projects that do not easily meet land use or building code requirements, planning for efficient and/or enjoyable use of spaces, and atypical environmentally-sensitive design and permitting.

Hourly rates range from $50-70/hr.   Total project costs range from $750--3000 on average.   While a preliminary estimate is given, all billing is based upon actual hours worked on the project.   This allows flexibility for both you and us should the scope of work change or the demands end up being simpler or more complex than originally estimated.

Recent Projects include:

T.I. for Sound Spirits, Seattle's first micro-distillery, Interbay
T.I. for Haute Yoga, Queen Anne
T.I. for Body and Brain Yoga, Greenwood
T.I. for Body and Brain Holistic Wellness Center, Woodinville
T.I. for Lo-Fi Lounge, Denny Regrade
Remodel for famous Seattle session drummer (sorry, politely anon),
    including consulting on soundproofing his new basement jam space,
    West Seattle
Remodels for dozens of area homeowners

Sensitive information not included above.  This is by no means a
    complete list.  References upon request


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